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With stores in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, India, and Canada, you can shop our products conveniently no matter where you are.

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Saudi Arabia

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We’ve partnered with internationally recognized brands to deliver industry-leading products straight to your door.

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Our Services

AQM World is proud to work with organizations from around the world focused on creating solutions in the fields of air quality, environmental sustainability, and environmentally conscious design.

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Air Quality Consulting

AQM provides a range of other specialized services for governments and organizations wanting to better understand air quality in their areas of jurisdiction.

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Environmental Consulting

AQM provides consulting services for governments and organisations looking to leverage state-of-the-art monitoring and modeling to better understand their water, air, noise, light and soil quality.

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AQM provides strategic planning services in crystallizing an overall vision and mission, developing short and longer term objectives, and identifying key metrics to evaluate performance.

Strategic Planning


AQM World for Business

AQM products are not only consumer-focused but are ideal for group buying and business applications. 

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